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Tips for Choosing Portable School Lunch Box

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Bento-style lunch box


Silicone lunch boxes are one of them. They are super versatile, very durable and affordable. There are many other types of lunch boxes, but when you pack four (sometimes five or six) people a day, you have to consider the price of the silicone collapsible lunch box. Mums like to prepare several sets of lunch boxes for everyone, so that they can pack lunch in advance instead of washing and packing the bento box first.


In this way, multiple sets can be purchased and the price will be very affordable. Mums generally like their nested storage, so they don't take up a lot of space. Children love the interesting colors of the lids-each lid has its own color, so it is easy to know which lunch to eat. If you need a leak-proof container, a collapsible bento silicone lunch box is also the first choice. Add condiments, jams, soups, etc. never leaked. And it is easy to pack and clean.

foldable silicone lunch box


Although it is interesting to have a variety of accessories, choosing a reliable set that can be used day after day may be a better choice if you want to pack lunch quickly and efficiently.


Six important criteria when choosing products for packaging lunch


1. They must be durable. 

Packaging lunch box is used everyday, so it must be durable, able to adapt to various environmental temperatures, friction and collision. The silicone lunch box is a good choice for many people.


2. They must be suitable for dishwashers.


Facing the daily busy work and heavy housework, people want to devote limited energy to making food, and collapsible sandwich lunch box can be washed by the dishwasher, which can reduce the burden on housewife.


3. The price must be reasonable.


Reasonable prices may make consumers feel value for money. Consumers are willing to pay more for quality, and they believe that the extra money is worth it. According to the survey, most consumers are reluctant to spend money on impractical features or fancy brand names.


4. They must be easy to store.


The space is limited while our things are so many to be stored. The silicone nested and stored containers can solve this problem.


collapsible silicone lunch boxes

5. The container should be open easily.


Most collapsible silicone lunch boxes are for children. Their strength is small, and their movements are not skilled enough. It is important for children to open the container. If the foldable lunch box brought to school every day needs the help of others to open it, it is not a good choice for children. Our silicone  kitchenware products can avoid these situation.

6. They need color options.


For us, the last but very useful feature is whether their colors are different. If a family can have four children, each child is color-coded, it will be much easier for mums, which also increases efficiency. If the contents of the package are slightly different, it is easy to know which container to put in which bag, and which makes it easy for children to pick up the packed lunch. Our colorful silicone lunch box is very favorable among children.


People like the silicone lunch box the most, because it combines many advantages. The colors are bright and the size is variable. You can choose different specifications according to the amount of each person. It is safe and hygienic, and the sealing is particularly good. High-quality silicone kitchenware can be put into the dishwasher for washing, and it can be frozen and heated by microwave, which is the first choice for lunch boxes. 

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