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The best lunch boxes for adults, according to nutritionists

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All in One Salad 2 Go Container with Attachable Fork

This container is almost perfect used for salad meals! I usually put a variety of vegetables, vegetables, lean meat (cattle, chicken in a barbecue restaurant, canned salmon or shrimp is a typical choice), nuts or cheese and salad dressing, for lunch.


It has a very large base that can hold one ton of greens, and comes with a leak-proof container for dressings, and a separate compartment for storing crispy toppings. It does not contain BPA and is dishwasher-safe. This version even comes with a fork!



Pack Lunchbox Set

I packed a meal here, including salad, leftover cooked pumpkin or roasted vegetables, and protein like eggs or leftover salmon. I like the separate space for salad dressing and it's super cute, so I like to carry it with me. It also comes with its own tableware and ice bag-one-stop service!

silicone kitchenware


Storage Set

They are not groundbreaking, but the content of these is my first choice. They are BPA-free, made of study glass, and have transparency, which is essential for easy organization of refrigerators and access to the products you make.



Three-in-One Stainless Food Canister & Lunch Box

These insulated stainless steel lunch boxes keep your food cold or hot for 1-2 hours. They are very light and very suitable for school or work. In addition, they can be washed in a dishwasher, or with hot water and detergent.



Mold Jar Combo Pack

In the winter, I use these glass jars to pack insulation for work, such as my pumpkin curry, spaghetti squash with meat sauce or Macnut Pesto + Butnutnut Squash Zoodles. I use these caps because they have a better seal. I also like to store homemade seasonings and seasonings in these jars.



Glass Food Storage Set

I use these Snapware containers to store the 'components' I prepared before meals. I simply seasoned, added oil, and then roasted the vegetables in the oven, and then selected 2-3 kinds of protein cooked in my Instant Pot, slow cooker or oven. Then, I can add different seasonings or healthy fats and mix and match many different foods.


silicone kitchenware 

Good Grips GreenSaver

I like to keep a lot of freshly washed and chopped vegetables in the refrigerator for a week, so I like my Greensaver container to store fresh produce. It has a carbon filter and ventilation holes to keep the product fresh longer. If you want to buy a bunch of agricultural products once a week, it can indeed extend life.



Reusable Silicone Food Bag

These silicone bags come in many sizes, you can put them in the refrigerator, freezer or even dishwasher. They are reusable, easy to carry, and rich in color. I like to pack thinly sliced vegetables or fruits on the go, and then boiled eggs, protein, soup (pour into a bowl and reheat), it's endless!



Bento lunch boxes

From a non-plastic point of view, glass is great, but my favorite thing about stainless steel is that it is lighter and less prone to cracking. They can knock a few times without breaking. Concave? Sure, but it gives them personality. In addition, they have a leak-proof function, which can be quickly rinsed or washed in the work after completion, and you can pack smaller units into larger units.



All-in-one Stackable Bento Lunch Box

These boxes are great because they are stackable and have a large bottom compartment that can be used for leftovers or vegetable salads. It also has two separate compartments for storing food that you will not mix until the last minute, such as dried fruits or seeds for salads. Bonus: There is even a "sideboard".



From the perspective of materials, we recommend that you buy silicone kitchenware because it is safe, hygienic and of good quality. Silicone kitchenware has become more and more popular as people pay more attention to eating health.


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