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The Favorite Lunch Boxes for Kids

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Another school season, parents must be busy preparing children for school supplies. Picking a suitable bento box is the most urgent thing for parents to do. Through investigation and research, we have selected five favorite bento boxes for you, which can make your lunch packaging a breeze.


 silicone lunch box

Silicone Yumbox

There are two versions of Yumbox, a child-friendly lunch box designed for children and adults. The original version comes with an educational tray that provides cute labels for the 1/2 cup portion of the five key food groups to help children pack their lunch and guide them. Panino has four compartments, suitable for sandwiches and salads, suitable for all appetites, super durable and leak-proof.



Silicone Planet Box

The silicone Planet Box provides an environmentally friendly option, and its compartment makes lunch packing like traveling. Its price is not too expensive, don't be afraid. It is well-structured and provides a 5-year warranty, and good after-sales service is the best commitment to consumers. Reasonable portion sizes, three different ways of loading according to the amount of food you want to eat, and dishwasher-free cleaning. These advantages are why we have become long-time fans of Planet Box. 



Silicone Lunch Bots

Silicone Lunch bots and bento boxes are our favorite for a long time, which provides endless choices. The bento box goes from one compartment to five compartments. Although they are not leak-proof, condiment containers and 4 or 8 ounces of ammunition are acceptable. You can buy them to supplement meals and store those leaking liquids (such as applesauce, yogurt, condiments, etc.).



Divided Silicone Container

A new bento box is a very affordable everyday product. BPA-free containers are sold in groups of two, with each container containing three compartments and a fixed accessory cover.


The product claims to be safe to store in refrigerators, microwave ovens and dishwashers, but the package contains precautions for use. Although these containers are disposable, consumers are reusing them without any problems.



Easy Silicone Lunchboxes

Similar to our previous favorite divided silicone container, the easy lunch boxes is easy to pack and unpack. Three points in the container leave ample space for appetites of all ages. Although they are not leak-proof, they are reasonably priced and easy to prepare and clean up.



Silicone Bentology

Silicone Bentology, originally known as a laptop lunch, can provide everything you need to pack lunches, including most compartment lids. If you like to customize lunch every day, then this package is definitely for you. The sleek style combined with environmentally friendly materials allows you to assemble the perfect part you want. Be sure to check their ice packs, reusable napkins, etc.


silicone kitchenware


We hope all this information can help you choose the best lunch box for you and your family. Many people like silicone lunch boxes the most, because it is colorful and variable in size, and you can choose different specifications according to the amount of each person. Such a silicone kitchenware is safe and hygienic, and the sealing is particularly good. It can be put into the dishwasher for washing, can be frozen and heated by microwave, it is simply too convenient.

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