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Mini Chocolate Cake Doughnuts - and Home Made Cake Release - Perfect for use with Silicone Moulds

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Advantages of silicone products


With the advancement of technology, there are more and more types of kitchen supplies, ranging from ovens to microwaves to small pots and pans. Among them, the kitchen utensils made of silicone are popular among everyone. In fact, the stability of silica gel is still very good. It is particularly resistant to high and low temperatures. It can be heated in a microwave oven without deformation or release of toxic substances. It can also be placed in the refrigerator to refrigerate! Because the texture is relatively close to human skin, it is non-toxic and odorless. And good silicone has automatic disinfection function, does not stain, which is easy to clean. Before buying, be sure to sniff the smell of the product with your nose. Strict silicone kitchen tools should not have any odor when exposed to heat or cold. Wiping on white paper will not cause any discoloration.


The advantages of silicone are gradually discovered by people, replacing many other materials in our daily life. For the silicone product factory, it is very important to choose the right silicone material in the production process. It is convenient to use silicone kitchenware at daily temperature. It is non-fading, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean, oil-resistant, non-slip material. This will eventually be our consistent pursuit of high-quality materials.


What is silicone tableware?

Silicone tableware is a general term for silicone products that use food-standard special silicone as raw materials. They are used in kitchen baking, cooking, stirring, making, conditioning, ingredients, modulating tools and utensils through compression molding or encapsulation. It is a new category of kitchen utensils transformed from hardware, plastic and other kitchen utensils. With its unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, softness, antifouling, dirt resistance, non-stick and other superior performance, it stands out among kitchen utensils of many materials.


silicone kitchen utensils with wooden handles

Silicone baking mold for making chocolate donuts


A donut is a sweet made by mixing flour, white sugar, cream and eggs and then fried. The two most common shapes are hollow rings, or closed desserts with sweet fillings such as cream and egg syrup, which have been modified to have other shapes. If you want to make a donut, you need some suitable silicone kitchen utensils with wooden handles.

An important step is to cut the dough into a doughnut shape with a doughnut mold. You can have a reverse action when you press it, or you can hold it a little bit by hand after pressing. Press out the doughnut shape with a doughnut model, pinch the reverse side on your hand and put it on the plate, and finally ferment for 40 minutes. If there is no fermentation tank, you can find a foam box instead, put a bowl of hot water in it, put the doughnut plate in, and cover it, which can also play a role in fermentation. Don't forget to drizzle with chocolate sauce. Different types of doughnuts made of silicone molds can be placed in different sized ovens. Silicone chocolate molds can be used to make chocolates of various shapes. The Brioxi mold is similar to the muffin mold, except that there is a protrusion in the middle, which can make the bread form a circle, and can also be used to make cakes.

specialty silicone baking molds


Yongkang Leadone Industry Co., Ltd. has concentrated on silicone kitchen products. If you want to make cakes, donuts, pizza, biscuits, the company has a full sets of baking molds. If you are interested, click the link below for more information.

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