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Food grade liquid silicone baby products

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Brief introduction of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silica gel is relative to solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is a liquid rubber, which has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, more safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade. According to the position of the functional group (ie, cross-linking point) contained in the molecular structure, liquid rubber with functional groups is often divided into two categories: one type is called a teleclaw type liquid rubber with functional groups at both ends of the molecular structure. The other is The active functional groups are randomly distributed in the main chain, that is, those with so-called functional groups in the molecular structure are called non-telechelic liquid rubbers.

The other is that the active functional groups are randomly distributed in the main chain, those with so-called functional groups in the molecular structure are called non-telechelic liquid rubbers. Of course, there are also those with both intermediate functional groups and end-group official groups. The current focus is on the research of telechelic liquid rubber. For liquid rubber, the chain extender or crosslinker with appropriate functional groups should be selected according to the active functional groups it contains.

Functions of liquid silicone rubber

Liquid silicone rubber can be used for trademarks, products, pacifiers, medical supplies, coating, dipping and perfusion. Silicone products such as crystal molds, polyurethanes, epoxy resins and other molds, injection molding processes, silicone cake molds, etc.. Which are widely used in the electronics industry as moisture-proof, consignment, insulation coating and potting materials for electronic components , play a role of dust, moisture, shock and insulation protection for electronic components and assemblies. If the transparent gel is used to encapsulate the electronic components, not only can it play the role of shockproof and waterproof protection, but also can see the components and can use the probe to detect the failure of the component and replace it because the damaged silicone gel can be potted again to repair.

silicone kitchenware

Baby products-- One applications of food grade liquid silicone rubber

In order to meet the needs of the market, Wuyi Jucheng has introduced a batch of liquid silicone machines, which greatly improved the quality while dedicating to the development of electronic products (buttons), baby products and medical supplies industries. Liquid silica gel has excellent tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, and heat aging resistance.


Wuyi Jucheng silicone baby products (silicone nipple / silicone bottle / silicone molar gum / silicone spoon / silicone bowl / silicone cup / silicone chopsticks / silicone toy etc.) has the following characteristics.

100% imported liquid silicone raw materials and high permeability

2. High temperature resistance, aging resistance, durable

3. Soft, smooth and non-stick, not easy to dye

4. Lightweight, easy to carry and store, durable and long life

5. Non-toxic and tasteless, food-grade silicone material

silicone kitchenware

Wuxi Jucheng has a professional product design and mold design team. The self-developed products include food grade liquid silicone baby products, kitchenware (cooking tools, insulation gloves) and other silicone baking mold tools such as cake molds, biscuits molds etc.. If you have interests, please contact Wuxi Jucheng staffs: Hotline: +86 13858910202 and email:

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